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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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drive will be in the dark. sunrise not coming up until 7:30, but we will stay dry all theeay through. satellite not very busy overnight, and fog trying to develop, but no concerns there, just a mix o o sun and clouds to get us started. the visibility improved across all locations in south florida, no concerns there. temperatures trending warm at 74 in opa cka, and 73 tampa. bright skies and the rning drive, up to 82 even by 11:00 a.m. today's high, 86. warm but not record breaking. weeks's worth of weather in a bit, but right now to traffic with kelly blanco. >> hope you had a great weekend. thank you for starting off your
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this is on the palmetto expressway, southbound lanes closest to us, so traraic starting to pick up here at 6:02 a.m., and no delays or issues here on this side of the palmetto expressway, and hopping on i-75, no issues there either. we have a broken-down car in broward county n i-95, and emergency crews on the scene of this, just after sunrise boulevard before oakland park boulevard. one right lane blocked off and now two right lanes blocked off so stick to your right-hand side. and we also have an accident blocking the left lane on the parkway at law jean road at 42nd avenue. breaking news on our social
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posting this video here on his twitter page. this is the aftermath of a deadly accident in hollywood. the first live reporter wh the story. do we know why this car crashed into this building yet? >> not from police, but we spoke to a friend of the victim that said it lost control in the circle, east young circle. a tow truck just arrived and the medical examiner's office and an investigator f fom their office is also here. they are blocking our view now, but you can see the cadillac inside of the publix. police confirming one person killed, the driver. we just spoke to poice, and the driver was in his early 20s, dead on the scene, and his girlfriend, the passenger, was transported to the hospital where she is being treated, and the lieutenant will speak to us in just a few moments. polili are not cleared what caused the car to lose control, but when we speak to them we will ask about that. this)happened around 3:00 this
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right now the wesbound lane sides of hollywood boulevard. back out here live, as far as the building and where this happened, this is the backside of publix, and now that they have the lights on inside of the area, it appears this is a storage area where they kept beverages, like bottled waters and sodas, and given the time it happened nobody inside, and we are trying to get information as to whether or not this part of the build something structurally safe. we will be tweeting out and posting updates as well. for now, live in hollywood,
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>> this took a lot of people by surprise, and you think all of thee attention will be focused on south florida, but donald trump cancelled a stop indoor doral. >> marco rubio is in south florida. >> reporter: this is what things were like last night in boca raton. let's take you to the video there with trump rallying supporters, and telling them again about his plans to build a wall. they loved it and cheed for that, and also took a shot at marco rubio calling him little marco, and making fun of the senator's voting record. >> you get elected to the senate, and you got to go and
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>> repepter: no violence last night, but the one protesters carrying the sign i showed you, he was shouted down and other trump supporters were tearing at his sign. trump tells us he won't be back here except if he does win f. he is successful, he will be back indoor doral to celebrate. overall an ugly weekend with protesters and arrests from chicago to kansas city. trump blames rnie sanders saying he is orchestrating the protests. meantime, hillary clinton, caused controversy over the weekend as well. it happened on saturday,
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during the 1990s health care debate. after her comment one of sander's aides posted this from 1993 standing right behind the then first lady. the clinton team responded by insisting the video proves her point, that clinton was actually the one leading that fight. 6:07 now on your monday, and a family holding on to hope as crews continue to search for a missing jet skier. he was last seen riding around blue lagoon. in sign of him so far. the wildlife conservation commission said he was not wearing a life jacket and there's speculation he might have had some kind of a heart condition.
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the dog whisrer finds himself in the doghouse, and what he did that has activist asking for charges. breaking news out of hollywood. we have been following this since 4:00 this morning. a car slams into a publix shopping complex, killing the driver and sending the passenger to the hospital. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears
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his twitter accountand all welcome back, everybody. it's 6:11. the candidates are crisscrossing the east coast today, and so depending on how things go over
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to two. for nbc 6 6 this morning, tracie potts is live in wawaington, d.c. donald trump surprisingly cancelled a campaigned event in doral in south florida today, b was he ever on the defense in boca last nightht >> exactly. in boca he talked about canceling in chicago and why he thought it was a good idea because of the violent protests up there that he says he is not responsible for. five states vote torrow with hundreds of delegates at stake on both sides. florida and ohio the biggest prices, winner take all. trump's leading florida by double digits. >> i think we are going to do great in florida. >> and en after a weekend of violent protests, bernie sanders denied he is sending them. hillary cliton says trump is inciting them. >> he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and
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responsible, and he should be held responsible. >> she has a big lead in florida, but it's marco rubio who really needs the sunshine state. >> the words of a president have consequences. >> slamming trump as he continues his bus tour today. in ohio -- >> i believe we are rising. >> john kasich leading in his home state and ted cruz claiming a tie in north carolina despite the polls. it's going to depend on turnou who shows up and votes on tuesday. >> in florida, nearly 2 million people already voted. as you know, that number will go up and maybe even double we're told when you add in the folks on primary day, and we will see mitt romney in ohio campaigning with john kasich there. ahead of president obama's trip to cuba, the cuban activist group, ladies in white release
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in it, obama assures he understands their hard work, and he goes on to say he will talk about these obstacles with the cuban leader on his upcoming tripo the island nation. and the group sent him a letter expressing thr concerns over his visit. monday morning, we're coming up on 6:15. going to be a beautiful start to our day. no wind problems this time around, though it will be awfully warm. i think we will fall short of any record high temperatures, but we are going tosee a warm trend kick in, absent in the way
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are dry overnight and life first alert doppler confirming that. nothing wrong with this picture, except it's dark and it will be for another hour and 15 minutes or so and we're going to advance our daylight into the evening hours that can you enjoy on the back end of your day after you get home from work. the morning drive, we're locked into dark conditions if you are 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. commuter. winds out of the south and 73, and that's a key component to warming things up today. temperatures hovering around 70, maybe to 72. a quick climb to 86 today. 84 on the drive home. 72 right now in ft. lauderdale, and 72 also in wst kendall, and 74 down the way in opa locka, and mid-70s through the keys. the winds not problematic,,nd for sometime overnight, as the winds went calm. patchy fog trying to develop. in fact, i think bright sunshine
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early this morning, and all the active weather for today staying ell off to the north and ortheast and mid-atlantic. i'm not worried about that taking over into the forecast. we have lots of sunshine to talk about for the next few days. by 8:00, sunny and 71. by the lunch hour, 83. even the humidity for this point in mid march, if you are sensitive to that, you are really going to feel that, highs of 86 today, short of the record highs of 89 to 90. bottom line, a warm pattern into mid march, and we are going to keep the winds down so that will lead to a beautiful forecast out onhe beaches. low risk for rip currents, and with all of the sunshine, uv index staying high. not much change coming to the local forecast for now, and today will be one of the warmer and wednesday. sunshine all the way through. not really much change even into
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looking ahead to next weekend, still above average. could see shower chances by the time we get to sunday afternoon. let's get a check on the morning drive. here is kelly anco. >> thank you for joining us, hope you had a lovely weekend. taking a look at the roads as what is happening as you make your way out the door. expressway, a bird's-eye view and the traffic moving up to speed and no issues or delays in miami-dade, so looking good on the dolphin. i-95 the turnpike and palmetto expressway in miami-dade here. and we have one crash on state road i-94 eastbound at lejeune road, not causing any delays and no nd to take an alternate with this. and the cleanup from yesterday,
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came by the nbc 6 and telemundo tent to say hello. and this is in southern california, of course, in an alley. the suspect stole a police cruiser and led them on a chase across the county hitting speeds upwards of 100 miles per hour a few times, and police rammed thatcruiser in an alley, and they were eventually tpoersforced to kill the suspect. both men were licensed pilots and what you are looking at is the aftermath. police believe they died on impact over the weekend. it's still unclear where they were headed and where they were coming from. 6:18.
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name, famed do whisperer being investigated for possible animal cruelty. this is why. the abgccusations coming from hi show, a dog attacked a potbelly pick on its ear, and animal activist created an online petition calling for not only an end to his show but criminal charges to be filed against him.m. stay tuned for this. this is developing as we speak and the "today" show will have more on thiss story beginning at 7:00 a.m. and then treating dogs after they were hurt in alaska after a snowmobiler plowed into them. and a vet was on hand and treated two animals, one for shock and one for a fractured leg.
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crash arrested for assault and criminal mischief. he says he feels badly and apologized to the owners. >> i don't know how i can possibly make it right for jess and alley, but i hope they can forgive me. i didn't mean it. >> two different sled teams reported the intentional atck. police just wrapping up a press conference dealing with the breaking news we have been telling you about all morning long. a car went right through that hole, created that hole, this happened at a publix supermarket shopping complex. michael spears wl update us on what went wrong. we will have a live report from michael coming up. serious cash being offered to catch a group of crooks that targeted a check cashing store inouth florida. and all you math lovers out
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how you can win good aorning. i am michael spears. we are following breaking news out of hollywood. a car crashed into a publix and we just learned from police, the victim, the driver, a man in his early 20s and his girlfriend also in the car and she was taken to the hospital where she is being treated. investigators say the driver was ejected after ejecting into publix, and no other people in the car, and we have new details and video you will see 6:30. well, take over southwest
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making it the biggest hispanic street festival in the state. it also marked the end of carnival miami. although the university of miami's basketball team will not be making it to the acc finals, they have something to celebrate. this is a good thing. the games are off to the dance, otherwise known as march madness, of coursrs get your brackets ready and bets placed. e three seed will face against buffalo. and the canes are 1 of 68 teams hoping to be named a champion here. you can watch the game on thursday. tip-off will be at 6:50. apparently, some people knew it before it was officially announced. the ncaa investigating a leaked bracket that made its w to social media before the teams were announced.
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of his team's snub through a phone call while he was watching the annououement show. all you math whizeze you know what day it is. it's national pi day, and we meananthe mathematical constant pi, which is 3.14. >> so you can win 3.14 years of pizza from pizza hut. do you follow? >> we're already lost. >> you have to answer 1 of 3 questions, and they range in difficult from high school to phd level.
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questions online today. >> hopefully you have been studying all year long for this. it's pi day. confusing. 6:27 on your monday morning. breaking right now,nd we have been following this, the driver of suv dead after his vehicle crashed into a publix grocery stre shopping center. south florida's first reporter to go live to the deadly scene.
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hospital, and >> welcome back. police are trying to piece together an accident that ended with a car inside of a publix and a person was killed. >> we have been following this since 4:00 this morning.
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about this breaking news on our social media news this morning. michael spears live at the scene. michael, we know that a friend ofofhe victim showed up, or were you able to talk with that ffend? what did they have to say? we know the passenger also is in the hospital. >> reporter: that's right,eric. as far as live pictures, what you are looking at is the medical examiner's office preparing to take the victim out of publix here after the horrible crasp. you see them unloading the stretcher there. the driver of a cadillac that crashed into the publix on east young circle in hollywood was ejected in the process of the crash, so can you imagine how horrible all of this is. that second person in the car, we are told by investigators, was the driver's girlfriend and she was taken to the hospital and police do not have an update on her c cdition and we are
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what the friend told us, the driver lost control in the curve as you enter the circle around 2:53. when police arrived they found the car inside publix, and yo have video of the screen showing it inside the puplix, and why this person may have lost control is the big question % right now. it's not clear. i can tell you on the pavent where i am standing, there does not appear to be brake or skid marks and it's indicating the driver might have never hit the breaks and we asked the police about it, and they said it was too early to say, and it's too early to say whether drugs or alcohol were a factor, and we know two victims, one person confirmed deaa no names at this point, but police tell us both victims are in their early 20s and are working to notify family members at this time of the horrible crash.
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on facebook and twitter and the nbc 6 news and weath app. right now also a first check on your traffic and weather together on this monday mornink. it's 6:33 right now. we will get started as we search over downtown miami. if you are inside and got the ac o you are sticking up to a warm and sticky monday morning. >> ryan phillips is here, and people are asking, where is winter? >> yeah, a hard turn for the last few days. we will move in to a very warm and humid weather pattern, relative to mid march. we will seeemperatures climb into the mid-80s for the next few days, and what is wrong with this picture, it's still dark. ananther hour in the dark this morning before we get around to a 7:31 sunrise. there have been passing clouds as we were seeing in the first alert cameras, and the good
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attempting to develop this morning, not taking shape. we are warm and dry, and light winds, and temperatures mild here, about 72 in ft. lauderdale and oakland park. 73 inin miami. on our way up into the 80s. more sunshine around at drop off time for the school kids, and the toasty first alert forecast, and your high at 86. let's check the drive with kellll blanco. good morning, south florida. happy monday as you make your way out to work or school. chopper 6 giving us a bird's-eye view of the northbound lanes of the palmetto expresswayyas you connect to the 836. no major issues on the 836, the palmetto expressway or turnpike in miami-dade. broward county, accident free. we have one crash and one crash only. let's take you over to the first alert traffic map. we still have the crash still blocking the left lane on state
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east around law jean road around 42nd avenue, stick to the left-hand side and you will be okay. and from the big curve to the golden glades, a 10-minute drive, and 826, southbound looking good. donald trump cutting his south florida trip short, a scheduled stop in doral. and julia bagg is live where the rally was supposed to happen, but before he leaves he wants to make sure he attacks marco rubio. >> reporter: he certain likes to take advantage of those jabs. first, i want to tel you about brand-new information i have in my hands about who will be showing up this evening at trump national doral, even though donald trump himself won't be here. that's protesters that claim
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showing support of what they are doing here on facebook. speaking ofprotesters, let's show you the scene in boca raton last night where donald trump took shots at marco rubio's absentee record in the senate, and it's where one protesters started chanting and holding a sign, but trump supporters drowned him out and grabbed his sign, but it was tamer than what we have seen at other rallies. listen towhat trump supporter's take on what happened. >> there's definitely freedom of speech but not freedom of disruption. >> if trump is successful in florida tomorrow, you can expect him to be back in doral to celebrate, and count on nbc 6 to follow what happens if the protesters do show up later on % today. we make it easy for you to follow on your nbc 6 news and weather app. live in doral, julia bagg, nbc 6 news.
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was assaulted by donald trump's campaign manager has resigned. she tweeted about her leaving saying she can't work for an organization that won't stand by her, and the editor for the news organization, ben shapiro, tweeted out he is resigning over the incident as well. marco rubio still pushing for support, of course, in his home state. he was addressing a crowd near orlando when a a heckler accused the gop hopeful of stealing his girlfriend. >> she doesn't look at me in the same way anymore! >> that's all right. hey, we don't beat up our hecklers in our events, so. >> rubio's response,n indirect jab at challenger, donald trump, whose recent rallies have been
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unfortunately. rubio got back to business, minus whoever this girlfriend was. he spoke about the tone of the republican presidential race so far. again, tuesday, tomorrow we will cast ourofficials votes for that. and then a spring break shooting that happened at a hot spot in south beach. invnvtigators believe both the victim and the shooter are both from miami-dade county. they say they knew each other befo the deadly altercation hpened over the weekend. the gunfire did ring out after ninth street and ocean drive. it forced police to close portions of the area and businesses too as they continued to investigate and tried to figure out what happened. some locals believe spring break and the crowds show up and it's
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>> you know people are going to be fighting and drunk and belligerent, so you think twice before you come to south beach. >> i am here for fun and pleasure and for the beach. i'm not here for this. >> i am not here for this. police also working a a crime scene a couple blocks away from the one i was telling you about, and they found shell casings but no evidence that anybody was hit by the bullets. and coral gables police trying to get to the bottom of a sex crime. a womananwas walking along yesterday wn a man attacked her and took off with her belongings. the victim described the thief as a latin man in his 30s with a bald head and bushy eye brows. if you can help, call police. we just got into@ the news room new video of a tornado touching down in arkansas. it's a lot of video here. our producers right now are taking a look and editing it to
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that video, and that's just ahead for you after the break. all morning long, since 4:00, we have been telling you about breaking news that happened out of hollywood, that's where traffic investigators right now trying to figure out what caused a driver to lose control and smash into a publix shopping ceceer. that grocery store there, the driver died at the scene and his passenger right now at the hospital. we will have that story, all of those stories, and including your top local and international stories coming up in the big six, the six stories you need to know before you head out the door today. following a breaking story out ofkansas, where we are getting new information on the amtrak derailment. 20 people hurt when several cars jumped the tracks. we will have that for you minutes away. monday morning, starting off with partly cloudy skies, and warmer readings as we look there. great weather on the beaches.
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in spring break, how about the winds have come down, and we're in the mid-80s this week. i-95, things looking good. golden glades to downtown miami a. 10-minute ride with no accidents in sight. and pines boulevard to palmetto
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ride. welcome back. it's 6:44. a senior safety fair happening later this morning. the safety fair will educate seniors on preventions and methods and the actions they can take in order to protect themselves. it's going to happen at the sunrise senior center at 10:00 this morning.
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down a highway for hours, there were nine separate accidents involving 94 cars on the interstate yesterdada they say the wet road may have been a factor. witnesses say at least 30 cars piled up in one area. 20 people were hurt, though none were serious injuries. breaking news ove arkansas. this video just came into the news room.( a tornado touching down in a community about 70 miles just outside of little rock. you look at the video a. clear funnel cloud, and it came into the news room a couple minutes ago, and there's a lot of it and different pieces of it, and we picked the one that really shows you the funnel cloud in the most clear way. this particular twister did not cause a lot of damame, incredibly, but there are reports of downed trees, at least four other tornadoes did hit in the state, a couple of damage.
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flooding in other states. and flooding swept through the south raising the death toll to 6. 4900 homes hav been damaged in louisiana, and more than 800 in mississippi. officials now warning the floodwaters could be toxic. gasoline and trash floweding in the water. warm and dry morning. that's the trend here all week long. not just today. waking up and heading outdoor, gosh, it's warm and humid for mid march and you are exactly right. this trend will repeat itself, day after day, all week long. no big temperature swings coming in the forecast, and staying dry
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broward county and miami-dade looking good, free and clear of any wet weather. let's head outside right now and we're still in the dark, and notice traffic, the volume already increasing on the it 6. our first alert camera look over the dolphin expressway. kelly will bring us up-to-date on traffic momentarily. a lot of you just starting off your day in the dark, temperature at 73 and clouds up above, and the fog attempting to develop overnight, not taking shape so not worried about that. lighter later, the upside to the change of the time. sunrise at 7:31, and sunset at 7:30. parks open later to accommodate more daylight. the good news, despite battling the winds all last week, winds not an issue thistime. a beach forecast coming your way. winds out of the south a. warm breeze at 5 to 10 miles per
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we are starting off in the lower and mid-70s. 72 to 74 acss the two-county area. 83 in keyest to key largo. marathon up to 84. southeast winds at about 10. delightful conditions for boating and beach going here, across south florida and thugh the keys. low pressure checking across tennessee. it carries through the mid-atlantic, and not worried about the storm systems shaking up our weather, and we're down here in south florida with no threat of any severe weather and no threat of any cold front that would shake up our warm weather pattern. a warm and dry run for the next few days. it's shy of any record-high temperatures. 89 is the high for ft. lauderdale and 90 the record in miami. bright sunshine inour first alert forecast. the morning low consistent, too, about 70. next chance for rajn, next
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mid-80s through next weekend as well. coming up on 6:49. here is kelly with traffic. >> as you make your wau out the door, we have an accident on the macarthur causeway at alton road. it should be clearing up in the next few minutes so by the time u head out this won't be bothering you whatsoever. macarthur causeway westbound at alton road. and then a bus was blocking off a off-ramp at miami gardens drive, and that'sack open. and then t tke you over to 595, eastbound and westbound lanes, no need to take the express lanes. also, i-75 drivers, traffic starting to pick up, the are your southbound lanes around miramar parkway, but noissues
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breaking overnight out of kansas. five cars of an amtrak train derailed. what you are looking at is some of the pictures tweeted out from the scene. the derailment happened south of dodge city. the good ews, most others walked out of the hospital soon. we're told there were 140 passengers and crew members onboard. we will keep you posted on air and on the nbc 6 weather and news app. m scott financial offering up to $25,000 for tips that put a group of thieves right here behind bars. check it out as they make their way into the check cashing store on 120th street and suthwest 127th avenue in kendall. they think it happened someti
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more o the nbc 6 news and weather app. looks like the suspects are three men and a woman. aviation investigators pushing for new rules after a disturbing report on last year's germanwings deadly crash. the co-pilot reportedly had depression, and it's believed he took thelane down. there's a push for pilot health regulations, like requiring doctors to speak out i@ a pilot's mental health threatens public safety. today we are expected to know how airlines fair when it comes to delays and mishandled bags. a ton of information will come out and it will be revealed in the latest air travel report card. american airlines and delta top the five major u.s. carriers
6:51 am
governor scott making a few stops in florida today to kick off his billion billion jobs victory tour. today's stop will end right here in south florida. >> when you got to go, you g to go. a central florida man is in jail this morning after telling police he was speeding -- he got pulled over for speeding, and he was speeding because he had to go to the bathroom, and he ended up doing that in the back of the police car. just outside of orlando police say this 24-year-old, he refused to get out of his car after he was stopped for driving 20 miles over the speed limit. the man said he had to use the bathroom and gassed it and drove off again,and before the suspect could go inside hisome to use the bathroom, he shot him with aatun gun, and as you can
6:52 am
rightht so it scared him and the guy lost control of his bodily functioned. we'll leave it at that, and he said he had the issues inside the police car, and maybe this morning they have a cleanup job. the man is facing charges including fleeing and battling a police officer. and then after crash into the publix on east young circle. you are looking at live pictures as the car is being prepeped to be pulled out of the publix. no word if alcohol and drugs are factors, but this will be an active scene for quite sometime. west hollywood boulevard shut down. for now we are live in hollywood, michel spears, nbc 6
6:53 am
after canceling his stop in doral, trump heads to tampa and he is going to ohio. he touched on trade and immigration and employment, and took jabs at marco rubio and jeb bush. police still looking for whoever shot and killed a man on south beach near ninth street and ocean drive. they did interview and release a person of interest. investigators believe the othh. a man attacked a woman and robbed her and it happened along boulevard yeerday. the woman described him as latin man in his mid-30s, and he had a bald head and bushy
6:54 am
>> and canals leak intotoiscayne bay. the question now, whether the canals when overhauled, if they could be polluting the bay. just giving you a bird's-eye view of what michael was just talking about, a fatal accident where a car crashed into the publix. you can see the publix at young circle in hollywood. you can see crews getting the car out of the publix, but, again, the westbound lanes of hollywood boulevard, just behind east young circle are blocked off. it's just those lanes behind the publix in young circle. we'll take you to our first alert traffic maps where we have a crash blocking the right lane on macarthur causeway and alton
6:55 am
in the next five minutes. i-95 northbound in miaia gardens, a car off to the side. no issues in brbrard county, and i-95, 595 and the turnpike are all clear. across the aea watching dry conditions hahg on. a live look here down towards aaa, 73 and south winds are the rule. we had clouds floating by overnight and this morning, and not getting into sunshine. 74, opa locka, and 73 in pembroke pines and into ft. lauderdale. low 70s early this morning. lower 80s, even as soon as midday. a very warm pattern into the afternoon hours, and not just today but for the next several. looking at dry conditions to hang around all week long. next chance for rain may hold off until the weekend, but this is a very warm pattern and even a touch of humidity for mid march.
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>> got muggy real quick, didn't it? >> yeah, you can feel the air-conditioning when you walk in.
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we'll be back in 25 mi goodmorning. breaking overnight. an amtrak train with 140 people on board g/es off the tracks in kansas. >> set a ladder up and we'll start getting the pple out the top. >> investigators looking into what caused the late-night crash. chaos on the campaign trail. a weekend of violent clashes between donald trump supporters and protesters. who is to blame? trump says not him, but his political opponents say otherwise. >> he is encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. >> how will this impact tomorrow's all imporlant vote? we'll talk live to trump's
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breaking his silence. why has richard simmons not been seen or heard fromm in more than two years? there are odd claims that he's being heldgainst his will in his own home. this morning, he opens up in a morning exclusive, here on "today". concert of a lifetime. you makee me feel i've come alive again >> selling out stadiums all over the world. crushing it at the super bowl. now, coldplay is heating up our plaza for a rare late winter concert. today, nday, march 14th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. no rain. no, it's not raining out there. forgetethe umbrellas. we've got a great concert in our 8:30 half hour. >> we're so excited.


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